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Personalised 'Why My Mummy Is Brilliant' Gift Book

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This personalised children’s story book from Lou Brown Designs, written and designed with space to draw in, makes the perfect Mother's Day gift for mummy.

More than just a simple greeting card, this magical twelve-page illustrated story book is a wonderful gift for children to show how much they love their mummy.

Created especially for children to express why they love their mummy so much, the book is personalised with their names, ages and the reasons why she is their superhero. To make it even more memorable we have included several blank frames for them to draw their own illustrations in or to stick in their favourite photographs.

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day, the Why My Mummy Is Brilliant book makes a unique and memorable keepsake gift that will always be a reminder of a child’s love for their own superhero mummy.

Books from multiple children:

Please note that books from multiple children will not feature their surnames on the cover due to space restrictions. Please ensure that, when completing the 'Mummy makes us laugh when...' sections, the sentence is from all the children, for example '...when she becomes the tickle monster and tickles us all over' as opposed to 'when she reads me a bedtime story.' For multiple children text within the book is changed from 'me' to 'us,' 'my' to 'our' etc. so that the book reads correctly.

Please do get in touch via email for more information.

Also available to order are ‘Why My Uncle is Brilliant’, 'Why My Grandad is Brilliant', 'Why My Grandma is Brilliant', ‘Why My Daddy is Brilliant’ and 'Why My Aunty is Brilliant' books. Please see our complete range for more details.

Each book is professionally printed onto heavyweight paper with a cardstock glossy cover. Each twelve book measures 21cm x 21cm square.

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