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Personalised Teacher Thank You Gift Book

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A personalised teacher gift book from Lou Brown Designs, designed with space to draw in, is the perfect thank you gift for your child's teacher.

More than just a simple greeting card, this magical twelve-page illustrated book from Lou Brown Designs is a wonderful gift for children to say thank you to a teacher.

Being a teacher is a hard and important job and it’s important to show how much we appreciate them. This thank you book features places for your child to draw pictures as well as printed personalised details like your child's name, the teacher's name and some of the wonderful things they have taught your child.

Whether it’s for an end of term, graduation or another special reason, the Why My Teacher Is Brilliant book makes a unique and memorable keepsake gift for anyone that will always be a reminder of why teachers are so important and fabulous.

Please note books for male teachers feature a male superhero picture and books for female teachers feature a female superhero picture.

Also available to order are 'Why My Grandad is Brilliant', 'Why My Grandma is Brilliant', ‘Why My Daddy is Brilliant’ and 'Why My Mummy is Brilliant', 'Why My Aunty is Brilliant' and ‘Why My Uncle is Brilliant’ books. Please see our complete range for more details.

Each book is professionally printed onto heavyweight paper with a cardstock glossy cover. Each book measures 21cm x 21cm square.