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Magical School Supplies

Personalised Wand


An authentic, wooden Personalised Wizarding Wand from The Wandmakers Guild, suitable for all trainee witches and wizards.

The Wandmakers Guild present to you their finest wand yet, a wand of extraordinary power and magic, suitable for all budding witches and wizards destined to accomplish great things.

Forged in the workshop of the Guild’s Master Wandmaker, this exquisite wand has been handcrafted from foraged oak wood, before being handturned, varnished and polished until it is worthy of the greatest wizards and witches of this age.

Each wand is then placed in one of our collectible wand boxes and packed in protective wood wool. The Wandmakers Guild then label each box with the name of the wizard or witch the wand is destined for, along with important information about its origin.

Our wands are the perfect gift for every young wizard and witch dedicated to a life of magic and mystery.

Please note, these wands are not suitable for witches and wizards aged three and under. Nor are they intended for dark magical deeds. Please use responsibly, for good magical use only.

Wands may vary in design and colour from the wand in the product photos due to the handmade nature of this item.

The Wandmakers Guild cannot be held responsible for the magical usage of the wands owners.

Not a toy, for decorative purposes only.

Made from Solid Oak, each wand measures 12 inches in length.

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