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1. Can I add to the waiting list if you go out of stock?

No, sorry, I'm not holding a waiting list, I will simply open and close off ordering when I reach the capacity I can meet for the week.

2. Can you ship them to me sooner?

In order to minimise risk to everyone I will only be making one trip a week to the post office and we are currently not getting a post collection from the studio so unfortunately the answer here is no.

3. Do I need to use a filter and what do I use?

It's up to you, every mask has a pocket to add a extra filter if you would like to. Personally, me and my family don't because I find it too hot and I don't like the idea of too much around the girls mouths and nose. Some people do use filter and these ideas range from a cut up bit of flannel, coffee filter or even breast pads! 

4. Are these suitable for people with hearing aids or those that don't like things behind the ears?

Yes! I don't personally like the hoop behind the ear masks which I find uncomfortable so these ones are designed to go around the whole head and the ribbon tie bottom is to ensure that a snug fit is given to every face shape as they tie to the shape of the wearers face.

5. Will these stop me from getting Covid-19?

No. What they will do is stop you from touching your face, or passing on the virus via coughs etc. 

6. Do you do discounts for bulk/corporate orders?

No, sorry, each one is hand sewn and therefore no discounts can be offer for bulk quantity.